Work in Canada

You are concerned about finding meaningful work in Canada . For almost everyone, the Canada immigration process is about establishing yourself and your career once you arrive in Canada . We understand that you want to find work in Canada related to your education, training, and experience.The Honorable Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada said Our government is committed to helping newcomers and their families succeed when they come to Canada . Their success is our success.The new law (Bill C-50) also more closely aligns Canada ‘s immigration system with labor shortages so that immigrants who come to Canada will have more opportunities to find employment in their chosen fields.

There are plenty of good Canadian employment opportunities. Each day more than 50,000 Canadian job postings go unfilled. Finding employment in Canada is an integral part of the Skilled Worker program and is of great importance to most applicants. Depending on your occupation you may be able to secure rewarding employment opportunities in Canada . Opportunities exist for those who are determined and who do not shy away from hard work and perseverance.

Although becoming familiar with the Canadian job market is important and encouraged, it is not necessary for you to have an official job offer from a prospective Canadian employer in order for you to be granted a Permanent Residence in Canada visa. In fact, the majority of applicants receive Permanent Residence visas without having received formal job offers. Whether or not you obtain a formal job offer prior to your immigrating to Canada , your efforts in familiarizing yourself with the Canadian labor market, specifically as it relates to your intended occupation in Canada , will impress the visa officer studying your application. This is because the overriding goal of the new selection system is to select skilled workers who will make the greatest contribution to the Canadian labor market and have the best opportunities for economic establishment. Researching and knowing the labor market even before you immigrate will not only show the visa officer that you are motivated but will also increase your chances of finding a suitable job upon your arrival in Canada.

The Government of Canada funds a number of programs that help newcomers settle, adapt and integrate into Canadian society. These programs are delivered in partnership with provinces, territories and service-providing organizations.

Your Rights as a Worker (Employment Laws in Canada )

In Canada , federal and provincial laws protect workers and employers. Laws set minimum wage levels, health and safety standards and hours of work. Human rights laws protect employees from being treated unfairly because of their sex, age, race, religion or disability.

Job Postings

Job postings can be found in many places: on the Internet, on community bulletin boards, at job fairs or in classified ads in the newspaper.

Job Bank is the Government of Canada’s electronic listing of jobs from everywhere across Canada . It lists thousands of job opportunities that you can search through by title, availability and time of posting. Job Bank is the largest Web-based network of job postings available to Canadians.

  • Over 900000 new jobs are posted every year.
  • Up to 50000 job postings can be accessed at any one time.
  • Up to 2000 new jobs are posted every day.

You can also expand your search by visiting these

other online job search resources .

Canadian Labor Market

Like most industrialized nations, Canada has legislated Labor Standards that establish minimum requirements that must be followed by Canadian employers in their relations with employees. The purpose of the standards is to ensure that employees work in an environment that is safe and responds to their needs

This trend will continue and the Canadian economy and Canadian employers will become even more reliant on newly arriving immigrants and foreign workers to staff their organizations. Canada is currently admitting over 250,000 immigrants every year, mainly under the Federal Skilled Worker category, which selects candidates based on education, training, and work experience

Despite this success, there is still work to be done to improve immigrant labor market integration across Canada . Some newcomers are still having difficulty landing their first Canadian job because of language barriers, lack of foreign credential recognition, and lack of Canadian work experience. Soon-to-be Canadian immigrants can prepare themselves for work in Canada by researching the Canadian labor market, learning about required training programs, and enlisting the services of credential assessment organizations in Canada ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition into the Canadian work force. Canada becomes increasingly reliant on immigration for population and labor force growth.

Social Insurance Number

If you are a Canadian citizen, a newcomer to Canada or a temporary resident, one of the first things you should do is apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). A Social Insurance Number is a unique nine-digit number issued to only one person. It is necessary if you want to work in Canada and in order to receive benefits and services from government programs.

Getting a Social Insurance Number

Getting a Social Insurance NumberA Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number used to access Canadian government programs. Everyone who wants to work in Canada needs a SIN . You will also need a SIN to receive government benefits. For example, Canada Revenue Agency uses the SIN to keep track your income taxes. The Canadian SIN card is often compared the Green Card in the United States .