Bangladesh Corner

There are several categories like skilled professional /worker, investor, entrepreneur, student in which Bangladeshi talents, experienced and energetic people can make Canada their new home in search of a better life and to achieve their goals to live in a dream land. Canada is consistently ranked as being among the best countries in the world in which to live. Canada is a land of immigrant where there is no discrimination of color, race, religion, sex, culture and language and the idea of equality and freedom has been incorporated in the Canadian Constitution, titled the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Due to its social security, free health care, free education up to high school and other benefits many say Canada is a dream land.

You are welcome to immigrate to Canada to build up your and your children’s future in Canada – consecutively 7 times world’s greatest Country according to United Nations Human Index.

As Canada recognizes dual-citizenship Bangladeshi Canadians are entitled to retain the Citizenship of both the Countries.

How to get better protection?

The dream of the People of Bangladesh for migrating to Canada can only be fulfilled through a dependable and experienced Canadian Barrister & Solicitor who is well conversant with updated, correct and proper procedures for immigration to Canada. Barrister Mesbahul Islam (Shathi) can provide proper legal advice to all desirous immigrants to Canada due to his professional training and vast experience in Canadian Immigration Law.

Barrister Mesbah is a son of this soil born and brought up in Bangladesh and a Bangladeshi Canadian Barrister and Solicitor. He has been practicing as a Solicitor in the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal in Canada. It may be mentioned that he is the first Bangladeshi Canadian Barrister and Solicitor in Ottawa the National Capital of Canada. Out of profound love for his mother land and the people of the Country all he intends that the appraisal of the people of Bangladesh is done through a dependable and experienced Canadian Barrister & Solicitor who is well ware of updated, correct and proper procedures for immigration to Canada.

Note: Taking undue advantage of the ignorance and simplicity of the people of Bangladesh, some so-called and unscrupulous “immigration Consultants” are deceiving the desirous immigrants to Canada by publishing attractive advertisements. Over the years, there have been many instances of malpractice by immigration consultants in Canada. Although certain regulations now exist to discourage such behaviors, some consultants hold themselves out to be experts when they may have no training or experience handling complex files. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada cautioned like this” Beware of representatives who claim that you will get a visa, obtain Citizenship or benefit from a special treatment from the Canadian government by using their services. CIC is not associated with any representatives.

About the Immigration Consultant The Honorable Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada said “Some individuals seeking to Immigrate to Canada place their trust with immigration consultants they hire to assist with the process, Unfortunately, there are people in the industry who take advantage of this trust for their own profit or who mismanage the process to their clients’ detriment. Practices like these are unacceptable”.

An applicant for immigration to Canada may himself apply but as per new immigration Law of Canada, the visa application process is technical and complicated and it is very difficult for an applicant himself/ herself to process and represent his/her case properly without the assistance of an experienced Barrister and Solicitor. Besides when an application for immigration is prepared and processed by a Canadian Barrister, if such an application is rejected without reasonable cause, a Barrister can launch an appeal against the wrong decision of the Visa officer up to the Federal Court of Canada. This means that a Barrister who is already familiar with your case will be able to launch an appeal to various administrative bodies or to the Federal Court in Canada in the event of dissatisfaction.

In selecting a Barrister for the purpose the applicant must be careful to ascertain the genuineness of identity of the Barrister & Solicitor by asking him/her to show the Solicitor number or verify his/her identity from the Canadian Law Society because every Barrister has a Registered Solicitor number.
Do not choose a lawyer / consultant on the basis of how quickly they promise your case will be processed. Rather, choose a law firm that you feel will be competent to prepare your case correctly and expeditiously and be attentive to your needs.

Confidentiality and Credentials: Barrister Mesbahul Islam assures that all cases are held in the strictest confidence. As Barristers we adhere to the highest standard of Solicitor – Client confidentiality by the code of professional conduct.