Why Barrister?

According to the new immigration law of Canada , the process of a visa application for permanent residence is complex. Against the backdrop of constantly changing immigration regulations and criteria, it can be difficult for an applicant to produce the best possible submission of his/her case without a Barrister. Barristers are experienced and trained professionals and understand frequently changed immigration regulations and policies. Barrister Mesbahul Islam has broad-based knowledge, professional training and vast experience in Canadian immigration law to provide comprehensive support and represent clients in Canada and around the world. For Barrister Mesbah, it is never a matter of merely completing forms and submitting documents, each immigration case is thoroughly reviewed, perfectly prepared and presented to Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the best and most efficient way to ensure smooth transition.

Confidentiality and Credentials: Barrister Mesbahul Islam assures that all cases are held in the strictest confidence. As Barristers we adhere to the highest standard of Solicitor – Client confidentiality by the code of professional conduct.

Only a lawyer who is a good standing member of a provincial or territorial Law Society may practice law in Canada . Lawyers practicing in Canada are regulated and monitored by the provincial regulatory bodies. They under go many years of study including LL.B from an University and rigorous training, not limited to immigration matters only. Then they must ´┐ŻArticle’ under the supervision of a Canadian law firm for extensive training for a year and also must attend and pass the competitive Bar Admission Course, before they can be called to the Bar and became full-fledged lawyers, known as ´┐ŻBarristers and Solicitors’.

Barristers & Solicitors must carry, by law, professional liability insurance to protect clients’ interest. The strict rules of the Law society are designed to afford the client with the greatest protection possible from abuse, fraud or misappropriation around the world.

Barristers & Solicitors licensed to practice in Canada can represent a client in the Canadian Federal Court. A Barrister has the right to appeal to the Canadian judicial system if an immigration matter is refused unreasonably. This means that a Barrister who is already familiar with your case will be able to launch an appeal to various administrative bodies or to the Federal Court in Canada in the event of dissatisfaction.

Every Barrister & Solicitor has a Solicitor number provided by the Law Society, governing body for Lawyers. If you have any doubt you can ask to see the number and verify that with the Law Society. If you would like to verify Barrister Mesbahul Islam’s authenticity, you are welcome to contact the Law Society of Upper Canada.